In this day and age where iPads and Netflix reign supreme, one of the most difficult things is grasping the attention of children. When it comes to toys that keep kids entertained, there are many trends that come and go (Who remembers scoobies? Or more recently fidget spinners – which are being met with mixed reviews by parents and teachers alike).

Despite new technologies which change the way children keep themselves entertained, and toy trends which come and go, it seems that classic party games are able to stand the test of time! Parachute games, musical statues and tug of war are all games that children are familiar with, and to this day, enjoy!

At Functions of Fun, we utilise a lot of these classic party games and carry them out with our own little twist. For example, in musical statues we incorporate hula hoops and choreography to suit the birthday child’s theme.

Winning and losing is an important lesson for children. However, our games are undertaken in a party environment, and for the sake of keeping children cheerful and entertained we prioritise movement and having fun with friends and family.

It’s fun to examine the trends in children’s entertainment, and weigh them up/utilise them in our own practices.

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