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Bring some excitement and spontaneity to your next event with some bright and colourful balloon twisting.

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Make your next event more memorable with our special caricature service. Give your guests a special memento that they can keep and talk about for years to come!

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Functions of Fun have a great range of characters to make your next party a fun filled event!

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Add something creative to your School Holiday entertainment program with the addition of a Craft Workshop.

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Functions of Fun offer artistic and beautiful face painting. We specialise in both corporate and private events and offer both face painting and body art services.

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Ever wanted to learn how to face paint? Functions of Fun hold regular workshops for both advanced and beginner levels.

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Why not add an element of fun to your next party? Functions of Fun now offer a range of jumping castles to make your next event extra special.

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Celebrate your pregnancy with our timleless and beautiful designs, painted directly onto your baby bump!

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Put your own stamp on your next event or party with temporary airbrush tattoos! Choose from a number of our fun designs or work with us to create your own exclusive tattoo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?

We aim to tailor the party to you, therefore we quote depending on many things such as the number of children, the activities chosen, times and travel. Call us on 0417 331 889 and we can run through options and prices for you.

Do we need to provide anything for you?

No. We provide all of our own equipment appropriate for our performance. However if your venue is situated far away from parking or has a steep incline to access, we may ask you to provide an adult sized card table with 2 chairs to assist us as we do carry a lot of equipment with us.

When is the best time for you to arrive at my event?

This depends on the activities that we will be performing and how the party will be structured. Upon booking your event, we will discuss the best arrival time to suit your needs.

If we want to play a game you don't provide, is it possible?

Yes if there is time. This may occur before or after we arrive or during the last few faces to be painted. 

What areas do you travel to?

Most of the Sydney metro area however if you are located more than 45km from the Sydney CBD, you will be charged a small travel fee.

Can you provide characters upon request?

Yes we can. We have many of the most popular characters however given enough notice, we could accommodate any character you dream up! This will incur an additional cost.

How much room do you need?

Face and Body Art needs a 3m x 3m space. Balloon Twisting requires a comfortable area for both the artist and children, without shrubs encroaching on the area. Games and movement require as much space as possible - this will depend on the games we play and the number of children attending. We can adjust to small areas and play games that are suitable. Craft needs a trestle table for children to stand around.  

Will both boys and girls be interested in participating?

We structure our activities for all genders and ages so that everyone can join in.

My child is afraid of costume characters, How do you deal with this issue?

Our costumes are child friendly and we avoid using too much face paint that disguises our natural features. All entertainers from Functions of Fun are trained by our owner,  Daniela Zepeda, who is an early childhood teacher. We are experienced in dealing with various situations and will do our very best to make the child comfortable and at ease.

When do we pay and how do you accept payment?

Once you are happy to make your booking with Functions of Fun, we will send you a confirmation and booking form which will outline all payment details.


How much space is required for Jumping Castles?

Most of our castles will fit in an 5m x 5m area however the dimensions of each castle can be checked by clicking through to our Jumping Castle page.

Can I place the Jumping Castle on any type of floor surface?

Almost any type of floor, as long as there is not too much of a slope, tree roots or rocks.

Will you be able to bring the Jumping Castle into our backyard?

Yes if there is a 90cm clearance between the access path and there are no obstructions such as air-conditioning, water heaters etc on the way. If there are stairs or a steep access, please notify us upon booking as we may need additional assistance with delivery. Each Jumping Castle can weigh between 100kg and 200kg so we may need to conduct an inspection prior to delivery.

How far does the Jumping Castle need to be from any walls, tree branches or nearby structures?

At least a minimum of 50cm to 100cm for the back and sides, and 100cm to 150cm for the front. 

Will the Jumping Castle be delivered and set up before the party starts ?

Depending on the arrangements made between yourself and Functions of Fun, it will be delivered and ready 30 minutes prior to your start time. In some circumstances, we may need to deliver the Jumping Castle much earlier.

Does the castle need to stay up the whole time?

We prefer the castle to remain erected during your hire time however if there is a need to switch the castle off this can only be done by the person signing the hire agreement upon delivery of the castle.

Does the jumping castle require continuous supervision at all times ?

Yes a responsible adult will need to supervise at all times.

How many children can be on the jumping castle at the same time ?

Our jumping castles hold between 8 to 15 children all under the age of 12 years, however this depends on the type of castle hired. The responsible adult supervising the children will also need to make sure an appropriate mix of children are on the castle at any given time.

 Do the jumping castles have any type of rain and sun cover ?

Yes all of our jumping castles do have sun cover however in the event of rain, the cover is not 100% waterproof therefore it is best to monitor the weather forecast in the lead up to your event.

What happens if it rains on the day of hire ?

During periods of severe weather conditions (ie rain, high winds etc) we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping it or not. If you decide to hire the castle, there will be no refunds. 

Are the castles clean and in good condition and are customers responsible for any damage or cleaning of the castle after use ?

Customers are responsible for any damage to the castle caused by misuse or negligence and damage charges apply for the cost of repairs. Customers must check that the castle is in a clean state prior to pick up. A $50 cleaning fee applies if the jumping castle needs to be additionally cleaned after your hire.

What happens if I cancel my booking for any other reason than a severe weather forecast ?

A minimum 24 hours notice is required for cancellation and your $50 deposit will be retained by Functions of Fun. For any cancellation made after this time, you will liable for the total amount due.

Functions of Fun offer a
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